Merhaba Sevgili Müzik Dostlarımız! 2019 yılında piyasaya çıkacak olan Har-Rock ve Heavy Metal albümlerini sizler için yazmak istedik. İçlerinde mutlaka merakla beklediğiniz albümler vardır.

January 25, 2019
Altarage – The Approaching Roar (Season Of Mist)
Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Show Me Your Teeth (Self)
Bring Me the Horizon – amo (Columbia)
Carnal Forge – Gun To Mouth Salvation (Vicisolum)
Colossus Fall – Earthbeat (Tenacity)
Corroded – Bitter (Despotz)
Descravity – Anathema (Willowtip)
Dodsfall – Doden Skal Ikke Vente (Osmose)
The Drowned God – I’ll Always Be The Same (Solid State)
Evergrey – The Atlantic (AFM)
Hecate Enthroned – Embrace of the Godless Aeon (M-Theory)
Incite – Built to Destroy (Minus Head)
Inglorious – Ride to Nowhere (Frontiers)
Insanity Alert – 666-Pack (Season Of Mist)
Jetboy – Born to Fly (Frontiers)
Joe Satriani – Beyond the Supernova Box Set (Self)
Kane Roberts – The New Normal (Frontiers)
King 810 – Suicide King (Self)
King Diamond – Songs for the Dead Live (Metal Blade)
KISS – Kissworld: The Best of KISS (Universal)
Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventure (Radiant/Metal Blade)
Puppy – The Goat (Spinefarm)
Quiet Riot – One Night In Milan DVD/CD (Frontiers)
The Sabbathian – Latum Alterum (Svart)
A Secret Revealed – Sacrifices (Lifeforce)
Snake Bite Whiskey – This Side Of Hell (Pavement)
Starbreaker – Dysphoria (Frontiers)
Steve Hackett – At the Edge of Light (InsideOut)
Swallow the Sun – When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light (Century Media)
Toby Hitchcock – Reckoning (Frontiers)

February 1, 2019
Almost Human – XS2XTC (Fastball)
Ossarium – Living Tomb (20 Buck Spin)
Set It Off – Midnight (Fearless)
Soen – Lotus (Silver Lining)
The Sonic Dawn – Eclipse (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Thetan – Abysmal (Anti Corporate)
Within Temptation – Resist (Spinefarm)

February 8, 2019
Beast in Black – From Hell With Love (Nuclear Blast)
Downfall of Gaia – Ethic of Radical Finitude (Metal Blade)
Herman Frank – Fight the Fear (AFM)
John Diva & The Rockets of Love – Mama Said Rock Is Dead (SPV/Steamhammer)
Rosy Vista – Unbelievable (SPV/Steamhammer)
Toby Knapp – Blizzard Archer (Moribund Rockers)
Yerusalem – The Sublime (Debemur Morti)

February 15, 2019
Avantasia – Moonglow (Nuclear Blast)
Crystal Lake – Helix (SharpTone)
Endon – Boy Meets Girl (Thrill Jockey)
Insane Clown Posse – Fearless Fred Fury (Psychopathic)
Lance King – ReProgram (Nightmare)
Megadeth – The System Has Failed Re-Release (BMG)
Megadeth – The World Needs a Hero Re-Release (BMG)
Pyramaze – Legend Of The Bone Carver Re-Release (Inner Wound)
Rotting Christ – The Heretic (Season Of Mist)
Trauma – As the World Dies (Pure Steel)

February 22, 2019
Aenimus – Dreamcatcher (Nuclear Blast)
Badflower – OK, I’m Sick (Big Machine)
Candlemass – The Door to Doom (Napalm)
Delain – Hunter’s Moon DVD/CD (Napalm)
Demon Head – Hellfire Ocean Void (Svart)
Dream Theater – Distance Over Time (InsideOut)
Find Me – Angels in Blue (Frontiers)
FM – The Italian Job DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Ghost Iris – Apple of Discord (Long Branch)
Hexvessel – All Tree (Century Media)
Hiss From the Moat – The Harrier (M-Theory)
King Apathy – Wounds (Lifeforce)
Last in Line – II (Frontiers)
Minors – Abject Bodies (Holy Roar/Deathwish)
O.R.k. – Ramagehead (Kscope)
Overkill – The Wings of War (Nuclear Blast)
Pretty Maids – A Blast From the Past Box Set (Frontiers)
Spirits Of Fire – Spirits of Fire (Frontiers)
Tora Tora – Bastards of Beale (Frontiers)
Visions Of Atlantis – The Deep and Dark: Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights (Napalm)
Walls Of Blood – Imperium (Metalville)
West Bound – Volume 1 (Frontiers)

March 1, 2019
Demon Hunter – Peace (Solid State)
Demon Hunter – War (Solid State)
Devil Master – Satan Spits On Children Of Light (Relapse)
Ewigkeit – DISClose (Death To Music)
In Flames – I, the Mask (Nuclear Blast/Eleven Seven)
Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast (M-Theory)
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Yn Ol I Annwyn (New Heavy Sounds)
Mark Morton – Anesthetic (Spinefarm)
Nightwish – Dark Passion Play Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Nightwish – Made In Hong Kong – And Various Other Places Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Nightwish – Once Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Queensryche – The Verdict (Century Media)
Tim Bowness – Flowers at the Scene (InsideOut)
While She Sleeps – So What? (Sleeps Brothers)

March 8, 2019
Bergraven – Det Framlidna Minnet (Nordvis)
Buckcherry – Warpaint (Red)
Children of Bodom – Hexed (Nuclear Blast)
Holding Absence – Holding Absence (SharpTone)
Kings Destroy – Fantasma Nera (Svart)
Misery Index – Rituals of Power (Season Of Mist)
Mystifier – ‘Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia (Season Of Mist)
Savage After Midnight – 11:59 EP (Red)

March 15, 2019
American Shark – 11:11 (The End)
Besta – Eterno Rancor (Lifeforce)
Contrarian – Their Worm Never Dies (Willowtip)
Eternal Odyssey – Awakening (Combat/EMP)
Noisem – Cease To Exist (20 Buck Spin)
Oozing Wound – High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey)

March 22, 2019
Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings (Nuclear Blast)
Burning Rain – Face The Music (Frontiers)
The End Machine – The End Machine (Frontiers)
Megadeth – Warheads On Foreheads (Capitol)
Robin Trower – Coming Closer To The Day (Provogue/Mascot)

March 29, 2019
Devin Townsend – Empath (InsideOut)
Nightrage – Wolf To Man (Despotz)
Totaled – Lament (Profound Lore)
Vltimas – Something Wicked Marches In (Season Of Mist)
Whitechapel – The Valley (Metal Blade)

April 5, 2019
Eluveitie – Ategnatos (Nuclear Blast)
Enterprise Earth – Luciferous (eOne)

April 12, 2019
Blind Guardian – The Forgotten Tales Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Blind Guardian – Live Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Blind Guardian – Tokyo Tales Re-Release (Nuclear Blast)
Waldgefluster – Mondscheinsonaten (Nordvis)

May 3, 2019
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – End Of Suffering (International Death Cult)

August 16, 2019
HammerFall – Dominion (Napalm)

2019 Albums Already Released

January 4, 2019
John Garcia and the Band of Gold – John Garcia and the Band of Gold (Napalm)
Festerday – iihtallan (Season Of Mist)
Gandalf’s Owl – Who’s the Dreamer? (Club Inferno)
Internal Chronicles – Crimson Storm (Guts’n’Blood)
Legion of the Damned – Slaves of the Shadow Realm (Napalm)
Lightsabres – A Shortcut to Insanity (Medusa Crush)
Mark Deutrom – The Blue Bird (Season Of Mist)
Plague Years – Unholy Infestation EP (Seeing Red)
Vanha – Melancholia (Black Lion)
Yatra – Death Ritual (Grimoire)January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019
At the Gates – With the Pantheons Blind EP (Red)
Born of Osiris – The Simulation (Sumerian)
The Crown – Crowned In Terror Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
The Crown – Crowned Unholy Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
The Crown – Possessed Vinyl Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Deathchant – Deathchant (King Volume)
Jinger – Micro EP (Napalm)
Komodor – Komodor (Soulseller)
Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost (Nuclear Blast)
Soilwork – Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast)
Static Tension – Ashes to Animation (Buried By Sky)
A Swarm of the Sun – The Woods (Version Studio)
Taking Back Sunday – Twenty (Craft)
Vomitory – Raped In Their Own Blood Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Vomitory – Redemption Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Woven Man – Revelry (In Our Arms) (Undergroove)

January 18, 2019
Altitudes & Attitude – Get It Out (Megaforce)
Arch Enemy – Covered in Blood (Century Media)
Cane Hill – Kill the Sun (Rise)
Carrion Mother – Nothing Remains (Ordo MCM)
Dust Bolt – Trapped in Chaos (Napalm)
Ectovoid – Inner Death EP (Blood Harvest)
Epitimia – Thread (Naturmacht)
The Fever 333 – Strength in Numb333rs (333 Wreckords Crew/Roadrunner)
Flotsam and Jetsam – The End of Chaos (AFM)
Furor Gallico – Dusk of the Ages (Scarlet)
Magnum – Live at the Symphony Hall (SPV/Steamhammer)
Oomph! – Ritual (Napalm)
A Pale Horse Named Death – When the World Becomes Undone (Long Branch)
Papa Roach – Who Do You Trust? (Eleven Seven)
Raven – Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live in Aalborg (SPV/Steamhammer)
Switchfoot – Native Tongue (Fantasy)
The Three Tremors – The Three Tremors (Steel Cartel)
Thunder – Please Remain Seated (BMG)
Torque – Torque Re-Release (Mascot)
Trollfest – Norwegian Fairytales (NoiseArt)
Woorms – Slake (Hospital)
Wristmeetrazor – Misery Never Forgets (Prosthetic)
Zed – Desperation Blues Re-Release (Ripple)


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